Mental Health Webinars

Topic: It’s okay to not be okay

Date: September 25, 2021

Speaker: Ms. Janelle Reid, Associate Psychologist

Today were positive vibes and energy are praised, we often hide our hurts behind the mask of “I am ok” with the fear of not being seen as resilient or strong. It is, however, important that we be true to our feelings, in that way we are better able to tap into what going on with us and get the necessary help to be truly ok. 

The best way to deal with negative emotions is to let yourself feel the emotions you’re feeling and deal with them, don’t cover them up or try to bury them, feelings buried alive stays alive. 

Topic : Work life Balance

Date : October 23, 2021

Speaker: Ms. Janelle Reid, Associate Psychologist

We often here people expressing how stressed they are feeling or how over worked they are, not having enough time to do the things they like such as spending time with friend and families or even a few self-care activities. We have watch families suffer due to long working hours as well as our jobs due to loss of interest and enthusiasm resulting from burnout. 

When workers are balanced and happy, they are more productive, take fewer sick days, and are more likely to stay in their jobs.

Here is how you can accomplish work-life balance Read More

Make Mental Health a Global Priority

Date : October 10, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Megan Swaby Clinical Psychologist

Mental health is just as essential as physical health, talking openly about mental health issues can help break down barriers and help people understand just how common mental illness is. 

Making mental health and well-being a priority requires commitment, involvement, and investment by all of society.  It requires promoting public health measures that reduce the risk of mental health illness, including social inclusion policies and interventions targeting vulnerable populations,” said Dr. Joy St. John, Executive Director of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). 

Topic : Working in a Stressful Environment

Date : October 19, 2022

Speaker: Ms. Janelle Reid, Associate Psychologist

A stressful work environment can contribute to several health issues both mentally and physically, these may include headache, insomnia, stomach-aches, anxiety, difficulty concentrating high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. 

It is important then that we take meaningful steps to ensure that we are manging our own personal space to avoid some of these issues. Our assumption, perception and expectation affect how we react to others and life situations and ultimately how we view how jobs. When assumption, expectations and perceptions are not met, we respond through our thought’s feelings and behaviours. It is important to practice positive thinking as our thoughts affects how we feel, and our feelings affects how we behave. Read More