Clinical Mentoring

C-TECH provides clinical support to care and treatment sites through several different clinical mentoring methodologies. This suite of activities consists of onsite mentoring, clinical consults via the HIV Warmline and the Viral Load Suppression Activity (VLSA). These components of C-TECH’s Clinical Mentoring Program support the provision of quality care and treatment in support of test & start, improve the comprehensive care of key populations, and focus specifically on ways to increase virologic suppression for all patients.

  • On-site mentoring and coaching – On-site mentoring and coaching are provided to clinicians at priority care and treatment sites in Jamaica. It involves expert sessions with clinicians as well as assistance with challenging cases during patient consultations. One focus is to strengthen antiretroviral therapy (ART) monitoring and the clinician’s ability to support patient retention, adherence, and viral suppression. On-site mentoring also includes delivering presentations focused on optimizing patient care, case consultations, and coaching related to the importance of Test and Start and Undetectable = Untransmissible (U=U).
  • HIV Warmline – C-TECH also offers an HIV Warmline to clinicians who require access to more immediate consultation. Our clinical mentors respond to healthcare workers requesting consultation on a wide range of topics including ART initiation and selection, the management of Opportunistic Infections as well as recommendations regarding the approach to managing antiretroviral side effects. C-TECH has expanded this service with the use of an online messaging group that offers consultation and advice from regional and international experts on HIV and HIV/Maternal Health management and regularly disseminates information on new developments in HIV care as well as upcoming training opportunities.
  • Viral Load Suppression Activity (VLSA)- This activity rapidly and efficiently contributes to an increase in viral suppression at the sites through enhanced case management and a patient-centered approach. The VLSA guides the teams on initiating ART based on the most up-to-date guidelines while ensuring adherence through various retention strategies engaging the patients in the processes to ensure patient-centered Anti-Retroviral selection, minimizing and explaining possible ART side effects, and providing psychosocial support to overcome adherence obstacles. Mentors assist with various steps of the VLSA, coordinate the implementation of the plans, and patient follow-up.