C-TECH Clinical Community of Practice

(Formerly Caribbean HIV ECHO®)

C-TECH initiated a tele-mentoring and distance consultation program for HIV treatment, care, and support sites in January 2018 via a weekly clinical consultation program offered virtually to link care and treatment sites in Jamaica to a multidisciplinary group of HIV experts. This program engages clinicians and support staff in a continuous learning system and partners them with specialist mentors at an academic medical hub.

The program is a collaborative model of medical education and care management and does not directly provide care to patients, instead, it increases Health Care Workers’ access to specialty treatment information and resources. The C-TECH Clinical Community of Practice 9C-TECh Clinical CoP) provides front-line clinicians and Health Care Workers (HCWs) with the knowledge and support they need to manage patients with complex conditions and empowers them to provide appropriate HIV management to PLHIV accessing care in HIV treatment clinics. It subsequently assists in increasing HIV viral suppression rates among PLHIV and therefore helps to support the goal of HIV epidemic control.

The C-TECH Clinical CoP supplements onsite mentoring, providing easily accessible costefficient clinical mentoring and continuing professional education. It allows mentoring to be conducted with more clinicians, more frequently, island-wide, and fosters the development of peer networks and a community of practice that increases provider satisfaction.

Since its inception, the program has been expanded to include Quality Improvement, Mental Health and HIV, Emerging Diseases, Adolescent HIV, and Medical Ethics instances.


  • Quality Improvement CoP – Introduced in December 2019, the QI Clinical CoP sessions focus on health systems strengthening strategies such as highlighting quality improvement methods to improve or strengthen triaging systems in the healthcare facilities during the pandemic.
  • Mental Health HIV Clinical CoP – The Mental Health Clinical CoP sessions commenced in March 2019 and focus on mental health and substance use disorders. Sessions have been aimed at delivering presentations and the discussion of patient cases that highlight psychosocial issues commonly faced by PLHIV. The community then receives recommendations on how to address these issues.
  • Emerging Diseases Clinical CoP – The first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Jamaica on March 10, 2020, and the Clinical CoP sessions were immediately modified to enable the platform to be used to update healthcare workers about the COVID-19 pandemic while still maintaining a focus on HIV, Mental Health, and Quality Improvement topics. As a result, the first COVID-19 HIV session was held on March 11, 2020. Sessions consisted of extended presentations only and explored topics such as:
    • The impact of COVID-19 on mental health in PLHIV
    • Quality Improvement methods to improve or strengthen triaging systems in healthcare facilities during the pandemic.
    • Adherence strategies for PLHIV during the pandemic
    • The impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health in PLHIV
    • Quality Improvement methods to improve or strengthen triaging systems in healthcare facilities during the pandemic.
    • Adherence strategies for PLHIV during the pandemic
    • There have also been several sessions providing updates on developments in the management of COVID-19. (Including study outcomes on Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, and Dexamethasone therapies).
  • Non-Communicable Diseases and HIV Clinical CoP/Adult HIV Clinical CoP – C-TECH has seen the need to include non-communicable diseases educational content as part of the HIV Clinical CoP since the life expectancy for people living with HIV (PLHIV) has increased due to the availability and effectiveness of antiretroviral drugs. PLHIV are however at a greater risk for the development of chronic non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Cholesterol abnormalities, and Cancers, and consequently, it is imperative that healthcare workers managing PLHIV be offered the resources to garner adequate information on these topics to ensure holistic management of their patients. Consequently, C-TECH Clinical CoP offers at least one NCD-related didactic presentation each month during the adult HIV Clinical CoP sessions.
  • Medical Ethics Clinical CoP sessions commenced on July 12th, 2023 – Case presented in C-TECH Clinical CoP highlighted legal and ethical dilemmas that HCWs face during the execution of their job. Some ethical dilemmas in the case of HIV/AIDS include determining when the need to protect others, such as sex partners to whom the patient is likely to transmit HIV, supersedes the patient’s right to confidentiality, and navigating disclosure in the case of children and adult PLHIV who are mentally challenged (in the case of Mental Illness or developmental delays etc). Considering this C-TECH now implements quarterly HIV Medical Ethics sessions via the C-TECH Clinical CoP.
  • Adolescent HIV Clinical Cop Sessions – Adolescence is a critical stage of development, and it presents unique challenges for individuals living with HIV. The C-TECH Clinical CoP sessions aim to enhance HCWs’ understanding of adolescent HIV care and treatment, as well as equip them with essential skills in providing youth-friendly services.

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*One hour of Continuing Medical Education is allocated for each Clinical CoP session attended.