Training in Prevention, and Treatment of Disease

C-TECH has an established partnership with the National HIV/STI/Tb Unit of the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) to develop and deliver a wide range of capacity development activities. Specifically, to accredit clinicians in the management of HIV and to offer an on-line course in the Clinical Management of HIV from the University of Washington (UW) Global Health E-learning Program (eDGH) program. The training is delivered using a blended approach by the C-TECH team. Successful participants are awarded merit certificates and are duly accredited in HIV management.

Additionally, we are working together to adapt and commission into service a Learning Management System (LMS) that will allow for synchronous and asynchronous learning targeting Healthcare Workers (HCWs) at all the treatment sites. It will allow for the implementation of online courses such as the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care Fast Track HIV clinical training course. A variety of courses on HIV/STI management, quality improvement, mental health and substance use disorder will also be hosted on the LMS.

Our collaboration with the National HIV/STI/Tb Unit has extended to include stakeholders such as the Jamaica Network of Seropositives (JN+) in hosting a series of bi-monthly virtual information sessions related to COVID-19 and HIV, targeting people infected or affected by HIV, and caregivers. These sessions began in April 2020 and are mainly marketed to PLHIV, care and support teams across HIV treatment sites in Jamaica, and to the JN+ network. The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure that PLHIV are appropriately informed about accessing HIV Services during the pandemic and to provide PLHIV with accurate information related to COVID-19 and HIV through presentations and discussions. Additionally, participants are provided with useful and practical resources to improve their access to care and ultimately their quality of life