Introducing HealthJam: Revolutionising HIV Care and Treatment through Digital Health Intervention
June 19, 2023

Introducing HealthJam: Revolutionising HIV Care and Treatment through Digital Health Intervention

C-TECH is revolutionising the landscape of HIV care and treatment with the development and testing, a cutting-edge digital health intervention. This innovative intervention is designed to support individuals living with HIV and other health conditions by increasing client engagement, strengthening the therapeutic alliance, and providing client-centric care through improved communication and remote support.

This comprehensive digital health intervention that empowers clients, enabling them to take an active role in their own care journey. By utilising the intervention, clients gain remote access to support for medication adherence and long-term care, leading to enhanced overall health outcomes and improved quality of life.

Key to the intervention is a new Digital Case Management Tool, which facilitates seamless communication between case managers, social workers, and clients. Through two-way texting, clients can conveniently send messages to the app using their banger or smartphones, while case managers and social workers can receive and respond to these messages via tablets or other devices. This streamlined communication enables timely interventions, immediate support, and personalised care planning.

Beyond revolutionising HIV care and support, this new digital health intervention extends its benefits to other telehealth applications. The app provides anytime access to a health library containing key information about general health conditions and HIV. By empowering clients with information and access to their Case Management team, this digital health intervention aims to reduce risk of missed appointments and medication non-adherence.

These digital health interventions are made possible through funding and support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) via a sub-award granted to C-TECH from the International Training and Education Centre for Health (I-TECH). Guided by a client-centric approach, the development and testing of this digital health intervention app aim to enhance overall client outcomes and experiences. C-TECH leverages digital health technology to revolutionise the delivery of HIV care and treatment, making it more accessible, convenient, and personalised.

Through extensive testing and evaluation through collaboration with HSTU and a Technical Working Group, C-TECH is fine-tuning this digital intervention app to ensure its effectiveness and user-friendliness. The app undergoes rigorous quality assurance processes, guaranteeing the highest standards of reliability, security, and privacy.

C-TECH is thrilled to introduce this game-changing digital health intervention and invites clients, healthcare providers, and stakeholders to join this digital health journey. By embracing technology and innovation, we can enhance client engagement, strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and ultimately improve health outcomes for individuals living with HIV and other health conditions.

To learn more about this digital health intervention and its transformative impact on HIV care and treatment, visit our website and stay tuned for further updates.