Fast Track Cities on HIV Capacity Building

Fast Track Cities on HIV
Capacity Building


The Fast Track Cities Online Course on HIV capacity building is a comprehensive program consisting of a 3-module series titled “It’s Up to Us: Eliminating HIV Stigma in Healthcare Settings.” Through this course, participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their understanding and response to HIV-related challenges in healthcare settings.


Learning Objectives

  • To provide in-depth knowledge on various aspects of HIV treatment, care, and management.
  • To promote the elimination of HIV stigma and discrimination in healthcare settings.
  • To equip healthcare professionals with the tools and strategies to deliver quality HIV services.
  • To enhance awareness and understanding of key topics related to HIV, including antiretroviral therapy, psychosocial care, and human rights in health settings.


The course comprises 8 modules, providing comprehensive coverage of critical areas in HIV treatment, care, and stigma elimination. The modules include:

  • Module 1: Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation, Adherence, and Retention in Care
  • Module 2: Management of HIV for Clinicians
  • Module 3a: Diagnosis and Care of Children Living with HIV
  • Module 3c: HIV and Aging
  • Module 3b: Adolescent HIV Care and Treatment
  • Module 4: The Role of the Pharmacist in HIV Treatment and Care
  • Module 5: Psychosocial Care in HIV Treatment and Care
  • Module 6: Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination in Health Settings Delivering HIV Services
  • Module 6a: Human Rights in Health Settings
  • Module 6b: Integrating Stigma Elimination into Daily Clinical Practice
  • Module 6c: Guidance for Health Facility Administrators and Managers on Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination
  • Module 7: Quality Improvement Philosophy and Methods
  • Module 8: HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)


Course Format and Duration

The course is designed as a series of self-contained modules that you are required to complete in a linear order. Each module can be completed within an estimated time of 30-45 minutes. You are expected to take the pre-exam before accessing the content of each module and then complete the post-exam to assess your knowledge retention.

Who Should Enrol

This course is primarily designed for healthcare professionals involved in HIV treatment, care, and support. It is suitable for clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and other healthcare providers seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in delivering quality HIV services.



Upon successful completion of all modules, achieving at least a 70% average on the post-exams, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. The certificate validates your commitment to enhancing HIV capacity building and signifies your proficiency in the course content.


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